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The increase in the regulation of ballast water is leading to an increase in demand for effective ballast water treatment systems (BWTS) and it is vital that these systems meet the regulatory requirements. The Ballast Water Centre’s experts provide an exceptional understanding of the marine environment combined with an in-depth knowledge of BWTS. 

Early Stage Proof of Concept Testing

Providing confirmation of the efficacy of your ballast water treatment concept.

Testing your concept will enable you to show its potential to meet regulatory discharge standards, prepare you for G8 type approval testing and reassure your investors.

The Centre operates an experienced and impartial test facility, working with clients to test and support the efficacy of prototype ballast water treatment systems, providing detail on whether a concept works and helping to develop systems, improve treatment and meet regulatory standards.  

Prototype testing helps our clients to reduce their type approval costs by ensuring they are ready for the expensive G8 testing. Our experts provide confidential advice on areas that may need adjustment or a complete review to assist and advise on type approval application.

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Environmental Assessments

Understanding the ballasting environment is essential.

Your Ballast Water Treatment System (BWTS) has to operate in complex and varying aquatic environments. Understanding the nature of the ballast water taken on-board is essential in determining how effective your BWTS will be and ensures you can provide your clients with detailed information concerning your system.

The Centre has an exceptional understanding of the marine environment combined with an in-depth knowledge of BWTS.

By reviewing the available data, applying expert knowledge and research of local environmental conditions anywhere in the world (including undertaking surveys where required) the Centre can deliver bespoke and detailed analysis to meet your specific requirements.

Ballast Water Review

G8 Type Approval Reviews

Working with clients to assist with type approval test reports.

The Ballast Water Centre reviews Ballast Water Treatment System (BWTS) land-based and shipboard test reports against the requirements of G8, identifying potential gaps and mapping the results in a format suitable for Flag State approval. The Centre provides the marine scientific and regulatory expert knowledge to validate test data against the latest G8 guidelines.


G9 Basic and Final Approval Dossier Reviews

Peace of mind that your documentation meets the requirements before submission to the GESAMP ballast water working group of basic or final approval dossiers for IMO G9 active substance systems. 

Producing the required documentation for G9 is complex and ensuring the dossier is correct and complete before submission will save time and money.

The Centre works with its clients to ensure that basic and final approval dossiers submissions fulfil the IMO BW Conventions G9 requirements and to identify gaps and map the results in a format suitable for GESAMP. Our experts review the dossier for quality and completeness and prepare a report detailing how the dossier meets the requirements of the G9 methodology contained in BWM.2/Circ.13/Rev.2

Reading Ballast Water Convention

Shipboard Efficacy Testing

Assurance that your Ballast Water Treatment System (BWTS) meets regulatory discharge standards.

Each BWTS installation can vary and type approval is not a guarantee that an installed system will meet ballast water performance standards.

The Ballast Water Centre (BWC) provides independent and impartial shipboard testing of your installed system(s). Our team of experts visits your vessel(s) in ports to sample and test discharged ballast water to assess efficacy against the IMO D-2 ballast water performance standard and for US EPA Vessel General Permit (VGP) requirements. 

What our clients say:

- Paula Lightfoot, Earth Observation Specialist - JNCC

- Tor M. Østervold - CEO - ECOsubsea AS

..."​The intergovernmental European Organisation for the Exploitation of Meteorological Satellites (EUMETSAT), a global operational satellite agency, contracts PML Applications to provide training to international stakeholders on using satellite-based ocean observation data. PML Applications’ considerable satellite data analysis and visualisation expertise means that they are ideally suited for this important activity."...
- Christine Traeger-Chatterjee, Training Officer, User Support and Climate Services at EUMETSAT - EUMETSAT

..."We would like to thank PML Applications’ staff who have contributed their time and effort to support us at Sherford over the past couple of years. The service provided and reports were of a high quality which was very much appreciated by the Consortium, especially with regard to ensuring our stream water quality was at an EA compliant level. "...
- Robert Robb, Consortium Interface Manager Resident Engineer - Brookbanks Consulting Ltd

..."PML Applications Ltd were an invaluable partner in our study of the effect of marine growth on our subsea connection systems in marine energy environments. From desk-top study and professional advice, through to design of the subsea trials, and then work offshore to evaluate and report on the recovered test rig."...
- Rob Wyatt, Product Manager - Siemens Subsea

..."PML Applications Ltd were responsive and reliable, delivering an excellent quality of technical work. They were able to address the unique aspects of this project and overcame many technical challenges, ensuring that they always delivered on time and within budget. "...
- Alexis Lambourne - Materials engineer - Rolls-Royce

..."We contacted PML Applications for expert assistance in a large international dispute....PML Applications’ support was a strong factor in achieving an outstanding success in the case. I would have no hesitation in turning to PML Applications again for expert assistance."...
- Bruce Gailey - Gailey Law

..."PML Applications, with its unique blend of marine scientists, project management skills and deep understanding of the requirements of the IMO BWT Convention represented the perfect partner to carry out this work. We will continue to work with PML in the future as new projects and challenges arise. "...
- Andrew Marshall - Coldharbour Marine

..."The professional way in which the sampling was conducted, and the detailed reports provided has given us reassurance that the system works as intended, and confidence that it will continue to meet the demanding requirements of cruise itineraries. "...
- Richard Catt - Environmental Manager - Carnival UK

..."I would highly recommend the team for their flexibility, commitment to getting the job done and their ability to deliver on time and to cost"...
- Paul Chesman - Alstom

..."PML Applications is proud to be working with Babcock International to develop novel ways of protecting marine assets from biofouling. "...
- Tom Vance - PML Applications - Babcock International

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