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The regulations that Port State inspectors are required to enforce are significant and increasing. Regulations controlling ballast water and invasive species require expert knowledge to aid compliance and protect the environment, the economy and human health. The Ballast Water Centre has the knowledge and expertise to assist with exemption applications, risk assessments and to train in and/or undertake ballast water sampling and analysis, including shipboard testing. 

IMO Exemptions Regulations Assessment

Exemptions and risk assessments

Providing the expertise to assess and validate exemption applications and undertake risk assessments.

Port State Control authorities are responsible for safeguarding their environment and that of affected parties when granting exemptions. Ensuring that exemption applications do ‘not impair or damage the environment, human health, property or resources of adjacent or other states’ is a requirement of the IMO BW Convention.

With globally recognised experts in ballast water and the marine environment, the Centre is your ideal partner to assist with the assessment and validation of exemption applications and to undertake the necessary risk assessments.

Merchant Vessels in Port

Shipboard Testing and Ballast Water Sample Analysis

Providing the expertise and understanding to aid enforcement.

Port State inspectors are responsible for enforcing IMO regulations and ensuring compliance with the IMO BW Convention’s D-1 ballast water exchange standard and the D-2 ballast water performance standard (once the BW Convention is in force).

Enforcing the interim D-1 Ballast water exchange standard will require sampling and forensic analysis of ballast water, together with analysis of the ballast water record book. This analysis will help to ensure ballast water exchange has taken place to the required standard. The Centre works with Port State inspectors to sample and analyse ballast water to ensure vessels are continuing to meet the IMO D-1 & D-2 standards. Our experts also provide ballast water sampling training and advice.  

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